Wednesday, September 30, 2009

As Promised

I promised a blog of updates, so here I go . . .

1. I am very excited for Whip It to come out on Friday. Ellen Page is the star, and Drew Barrymore is directing. I think the women in my house may be game for getting together to see it. Which would be awesome because I haven't seen anything in theaters since Paper Heart.

2. I very much do not enjoy going to work at 9. I mean, I do it because it is part of the rules, and I'm a rule follower. But just to share, I'm not a fan. I think 10 works much better. But no one asked me. lol.

3. I like to hear from you, dear readers. I want to know what you're thinking, how you're doing, and what you want me to write about. So, you can leave that in comments, send me an email, or facebook it to me. Either way, your thoughts and opinions are important to me. Just know that.

4. I will always be a night owl, no matter what my schedule is.

5. I am still in love with my mac.

6. I am thinking about what happens next (I mean, really I have never stopped thinking about this). If they ask me to stay for another term, at this point, I don't know what I would say. But there are other things on the table now, like grad school and other service work (where I may be able to get some kind of stipend). For a long time, I thought working for TWLOHA would be a destination. I'm learning that it may be just a part of my journey. And I'm okay with that. :)

7. I'm beginning to understand what it means when people say I love you. I've always had a difficult time really knowing what people mean when they say "I love you." Even when I say it to other people. But I am beginning to see that part of it means that there is a piece of themselves that they keep for you and it aches when you're not around.

8. Sticking to a strict budget is difficult and takes a great deal of discipline. I am trying.

9. Florida is still hot. Like NC summer hot. I am not amused or excited. I want fall, the whole shebang of 60-70 degree weather ALL DAY, leaves changing colors, and a countdown to Cornhuskin'. :)

10. The Cocoa B and N is nowhere near as good as the Cary B and N. I kind of want to send the Cary one a letter through snail mail professing my love, but that is a creepy thing to do. So, yeah, I'm not going to. Just sharing.

11. I get to see Rob Bell next week!!! :)

12. I am trying to lean on Jesus. This experience is hard and stretching. Definitely worth it, but I need Jesus to help me with this. So, I am trying to be more open to that, to let myself be vulnerable and have faith. Please pray for me in that.

All for now.

Another blog soon.

Take care of you.

And wherever you are, I hope you have fall and you're loving it. :)

so much love.


  1. Thanks for the blog and the note to the English dept. It is almost as if you are still in the Registrar's office and I come in and see your glowing smile and hair and gain a moment of joy. I am happy that you are still reading and still writing. Keep sprinkling notes and quotes from your reading into your blog -- fall break is coming, and I may have time to read a bit of your recommendations.
    Miss you and love you.

  2. 1. Yes!!
    2. YES.
    3. I am struggling to survive but managing, I think.
    4. Yes.
    5. Jealous.
    6. Yes.
    7. YES.
    8. Yes.
    9. BOO.
    10. Aw. B&N Asheville is nice...
    11. Jealous.
    12. Praying.

    Love you.

  3. Whitney! I just love reading your entries. It reminds me of topics we might discuss in one of our lovely talks. Know that I am thinking of you as you are going thru this journey in your life. Know that I am praying for you each and every step of the way. Know that you are not alone when you feel vulnerable when you try to lean on Jesus and have faith. It is so hard to do. Know also that I could use a good Whitney/Chelsie talk right now. I have been discovering a lot about myself lately and would love to talk to you about it. Know too that I will read anything you write in this blog. =) I think that's all. I miss you & love you.

  4. You sure know your way around a sentence. My favorite part: "part of it means that there is a piece of themselves that they keep for you and it aches when you're not around."


  5. Let me just start out, that I can definitly agree with you on being a rule follower of 9am, and not a fan. (But at least its not 8am!)
    I think the most pofound thing you wrote was about #7, and it is most definitly true, especially with old friends (you know, those type that you have known forever and know really well, but don't keep in touch as much as you would like too. But they will always know you and stay true to you and love you no matter what).

    It also reminded me of IV LG this past week. Nathan came back and spoke! Definitly amazing. Basically the only thing I can write to sum up his talk (it was about fear/love- 1st John) was to "respond in love". And after reading this, I know this is what you and TWLOHA are doing, and I think its such an amazing, encouring, and beautiful mission. Keep up the awesome work! I'll make sure to inform you on all the corn happenin's! :)

  6. I love your blogs, but I hate how you always talk about Jesus. I am Jewish, and have a group of suffering friends who are Jewish, and TWLOHA is the best support group that we have, but the more you mention Jesus the more I feel like we aren't a part of this movement.