Friday, January 29, 2010

It didn't take long

for me to be late about posting.
Oh, well.

First things first, my membership to the B and N expires at the end of the month.
And I think, maybe, just maybe, I will sign up for a Book-A-Million (BAM) membership instead of renewing my B and N.
Now, y'all know how faithful I am to the B and N.
But down here, the BAMs are just better.
Their hours are longer, they seem to have a bigger selection of my preferred YA.
I mean, the decision has not been made yet (mostly because I'm poor this month), but.
Just thought I'd fill you in.
Because really, if I get a BAM membership, that's a big deal.

I find myself not writing as much as I'd like.
I've been wondering why this is, and I have some semblance of an answer.
Sometimes, I feel like my whole self is being ripped different directions.
I have to focus on work, my dreams, my new living situation, what I'm consuming, what I'm reading, staying connected to home, being present where I am, etc.
The pressure of being focused on all of these things is I feel like there's nothing left at the end of the day to give, no lingering creativity, no beautiful arrangement of words from my own hand.
I felt this during my internship, too.
I think part of it is transition and part of it is lack of discipline.
Like, of course it's hard to say something meaningful when sometimes it feels like a small victory just making it through the day in one piece.
Anyway, this is rambley--just what's on my mind.

This week has been a hard one.
It is winding down to a hopeful close.
I am thankful for you today.
I am glad that you are reading my words, even though I'm not always fully committed to them.
I hope wherever you are, you allow yourself to see beauty happening.
Be kind to yourself.
I'm learning this, too.
Drink hot chocolate from oversized mugs,
and build fires for marshmallows.
Enjoy the company of laughter and hope.
Peace to you.


1 comment:

  1. absolutely beautiful.

    and trust me -- you definitely have creative energy and well written words (whether you feel that way or not). :) i especially loved the last section -- it made me want to cry for some reason!

    i love you. :)