Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ramblings of Wednesday

The day did not start off on a great note.
My espresso drink from Starbucks tasted silky.
I like my coffee (and mochas, specifically) bitter and smooth.
Silky is not something I want to happen inside my mouth.
Just before that, I bit into an apple I was hoping would be a nice, quick breakfast.
Instead, it was gritty and gag-inducing.

Settling into this environment that isn't so new but has a new context is hard.
Crappy mornings do not help this matter.
But the day didn't stay so for long.
I read Libba's blog and laughed.
Laughter is a wonderful antidote to crappy mornings.

I started Emily Dickinson's biography during lunch.
Thick book.
I only made it through the chronology and preface.
I also checked out four more books from the library.
Now, I have nine books checked out.
I know it sounds like a lot, and I probably won't read them in the three week time allotment.
But the thing is, it makes my spirits brighter just finding and holding onto the promise of a good story.
It may sound a little crazy, especially for you I'm-not-really-the-reading-type people.
It actually helps my mental health though. :)

Something I realized today:
Between the Trees is to emo-ish punk music as Kenny Chesney is to country music.
Since BTT is one of my favorite bands, this is a sad realization.
I think Kenny can put on a good show, and I enjoy his vibe.
He hasn't written a new song in years.
He just keeps writing the same one and singing it over and over.

It seems to me that BTT is much like this.
Ryan (the lead singer) writes the same song again and again and again and again.
They are all about him loving a girl and a) missing her, b) wanting to hold her, or c) telling her how much he loves her.
And that's awesome.
But I need a little thought, some vocabulary, and a little fucking thought.
I mean, I'm really glad that you miss your girlfriend, but can you please figure out a different way to express yourself?
Because quite frankly, sir, you sound like a broken record.
You can say "I miss you" in one song, but there are other creative and thoughtful ways to express your misery at her absence.
See what I just did there?
"Misery at her absence" = missing her = not hard = actually thinking before speaking/writing.
It is really dumb because I think the guys are really talented, and I love Ryan's voice.
I just can't really take him seriously anymore.
Also upsetting: it took them three years to come out with a sophomore album!
Three years.
And all you have to sing about is how much you <3>

In other music updates of my life, I was introduced to Bon Iver in the fall.
The lyrics and Justin's voice mesmerize me.
I hope you will take a minute and listen, especially "Skinny Love."
Justin wrote the whole first album out in a cabin in the woods by himself.

I can't believe this is my second post in a week.
I guess it's good to start strong.
Hope your Wednesday night is cozy and warm.


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